Conference program

Important notes:

1. Attention attendees with poster presentations! Please send one pdf with the 1-2 slides to (subject: short poster presentation), no later than one day before the poster session. Organizers will concatenate all these pdf's into one that will be used during the short poster presentation. For details see SCEE 2020/presentation guidelines.

2. All registered participants will receive the Book of Abstracts by email prior to the conference start.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

18.00-21.00: Registration, reception with drinks and light meal

19.30-20.15: Historical lecture by Albert Ruehli (IEEE life fellow, 50 years IBM, currently at Missouri University of Science and Technology): "Retrospective: 50 years of circuit and electromagnetic solutions"

Monday, February 17, 2020

09.00-09.10: Opening ceremony

09.10-09.55: Jasmin Smajic (ETH Zürich), “Numerical Analysis of Electromagnetic Transients in Power Devices”

09.55-10.20: Michael Kolmbauer, Günter Offner and Bernhard Pöchtrager, “Multirate DAE-simulation and its application in system simulation software for the development of electric vehicles”

10.20-10.45: Giovanni Nastasi and Vittorio Romano, “Simulations of a novel DG-GFET”

10.45-11.15: COFFEE BREAK

11.15-11.40: Yiming Li, Ping-Hsun Su, Chieh-Yang Chen, Min-Hui Chuang, Ya-Shu Yang, and Cheng-Che Liu, “Simulation-based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for device and circuit design optimization”

11.40-12.05: Maximilian Neuner, Inga Abel, and Helmut Graeb, “Constraint Programming in Two Tasks of Analog Design Automation”

12.05-12.30: Idoia Cortes Garcia, Sebastian Schöps, Christian Strohm, and Caren Tischendorf, “Generalised elements for the analysis of refined models in circuits”

12.30-13.45: LUNCH

13.45-14.10: Dimitrios Loukrezis, Armin Galetzka, Ulrich Römer, and Herbert De Gersem, “Robust Adaptive Polynomial Chaos Expansions in Electromagnetic Field Applications”

14.10-14.35: Piotr Putek, Shahnam Gorgi Zadeh, and Ursula van Rienen, “Design optimization of the end-cell of a multi-cell superconducting radio-frequency cavity under uncertainties”

14.35-15.00: Andreas Pels, Iryna Kulchytska-Ruchka, and Sebastian Schöps, “Parallel-in-Time Simulation of Power Converters Using Multirate PDEs”

15.00-15.25: C. A. Valdivieso, G. Meunier, B. Ramdane, J. Gyselinck, C. Guerin, and R. V. Sabariego, “A Comparison of Multiturn Winding Homogenization Approaches in Time-Domain 2-D Finite Element Models”

15.25-15.55: COFFEE BREAK

15.55-16.20: Robert Scholz, Armin Nurkanovic, Amer Mesanovic, Jürgen Gutekunst, Andreas Potschka, Hans Georg Bock and Ekaterina Kostina, "Parallel Adaptive Multi-Level Iterations for Microgrid Control“

16.20-16.45: Marcus Bannenberg, Michael Günther and Angelo Ciccazzo, "Coupling of Model Order Reduction and Multirate Techniques for coupled time-dependent systems“

16.45-17.10: Idoia Cortes Garcia, Jonas Pade, Sebastian Schöps and Caren Tischendorf, "Waveform relaxation for low frequency coupled field/circuit differential-algebraic models of index 2”

17.10-17.35: Mané Harutyunyan and Sebastian Schöps, "Coupled formulations for the modeling of magnetostrictive materials”

17.45-18.45: ROMSOC special session (

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

09.00-09.45: Romanus Dyczij-Edlinger (Univ. of Saarland, Germany), “Reduced-order finite-element modeling and optimization of antennas”

09.45-10.10: Kai Papke, Frank Gerigk, and Ursula van Rienen, “Phenomenological Investigation of a Coaxial Waveguide Structure with Finite Transmission Zeros and its Fundamental Meaning for the Synthesis of High-Pass Filter Functions”

10.10-10.35: Gabriela Ciuprina, Daniel Ioan, Mihai Popescu, Sorin Lup, and Victorita Dolean, “Electric Circuit Element Boundary Conditions in the Finite ElementMethod for Full-Wave Frequency Domain Passive Devices”

10.35-11.00: Armin Galetzka, Dimitrios Loukrezis, Ion Gabriel Ion Ulrich Römer, and Herbert De Gersem, “Data-Driven Magnetic Field Simulation”

11.00-11.30: COFFEE BREAK

Special session chaired by Kristof Cools

11.30-11.55: L. Rahmouni, M. Monin, A. Merlini, and F.P. Andriulli, “On Some Recent Advances in Integral Equation Strategies for High Resolution Electroencephalography”

11.55-12.20: M. Gossye, D. Dobbeleare, D. Vande Ginste, H. Rogier, “Novel Calderón Preconditioners for the Poincaré-Steklov Operator”

12.20-12.45: K. Cools, A. Dely and F.P. Andriulli, “A Dense Mesh Stable Impedance Boundary Condition MFIE”

12.45-13.45: LUNCH



Wednesday, February 19, 2020: INDUSTRY MORNING

09.00-09.45: NXP Semiconductors: R. Janssen, S. Kapora, M. Hanssen, W. Heuvelman, Y. Xu, M. Versleijen, and M. Azimane, “Electromagnetic Simulation Challenges in the Semiconductor Industry”

09.45-10.30: ASML: Frank Buijnsters and Remco Dirks, “Efficient Maxwell solvers for optical semiconductor metrology”

10.30-11.00: COFFEE BREAK

11.00-11.45: Bosch: Stefan Kurz, “Newton-Kepler-Bosch: Towards the Next Level of Scientific Computing in Engineering”

Special session chaired by Sebastian Schöps

11.45-12.10: D. Bast, I. Kulchytska-Ruchka, S. Schöps, and Oliver Rain, “Parallel-in-Time Simulation of Induction Machines in an Industrial Environment”

12.10-12.35: L. Giussani, L. Di Rienzo, M. Bechis, and C. de Falco, “Efficient Modeling of Three-core Submarine Power Cables”

12.35-13.45: LUNCH

Special session chaired by Sebastian Schöps (cont’d)

13.45-14.10: M. Liebsch, G. Golluccio, S. Russenschuck, and Stefan Kurz, “Boundary-Element Methods for Field Reconstruction in Accelerator Magnets”

14.10-14.35: C. Lenz, A. Scharinger, A. Hössinger, and J. Weinbub, “A Novel Surface Mesh Coarsening Method for Flux-Dependent Topography Simulations of Semiconductor Fabrication Processes”

14.35-15.00: L. Heltai and W. Lei, “An HDG approximation for the Ginzburg-Landau-Devonshire Model”

15.25-15.55: COFFEE BREAK

15.55-16.30: POSTER BLITZ

16.30-17.45: POSTER SESSION

17.45-18.30: Liliana Borcea (Univ. of Michigan, USA), “Reduced order model approach for inverse scattering”


Thursday, February 20, 2020

09.00-09.45: Slawomir Koziel (Univ. of Reykjavik, Iceland), “Forward and Inverse Surrogate Modeling for Accelerated Design Optimization of High-Frequency Structures”

09.45-10.10: Cedric Münger, Steffen Börm, and Jörg Ostrowski, “Dielectric breakdown prediction with GPU-accelerated BEM”

10.10-10.35: Niklas Georg, Christian Lehmann, Ulrich Römer, and Rolf Schuhmann, “Multifidelity Uncertainty Quantification for Optical Gratings”

10.35-11.05: COFFEE BREAK

11.05-11:30: Roland Pulch and Maha Youssef, “Machine Learning for Initial Value Problems of Parameter-Dependent Dynamical Systems”

11.30-11.55: Fotios Kasolis and Markus Clemens, "Graph-Based Local Refinements for the Reduction of Transient Nonlinear Electromagnetic Problems“

11.55-12.20: Ruxandra Barbulescu, Gabriela Ciuprina, Tudor Ionescu, Daniel Ioan and Luis Miguel Silveira, "Efficient model reduction of myelinated axons as port-Hamiltonian systems

12.20-12.45: Jan Kühn, Andreas Bartel and Piotr Putek, “A hysteresis loss model for Tellinen’s scalar hysteresis model”

12.45-12.50: Closing of conference

12.50-14.00: LUNCH

14.00-17.00: ECMI SIG MSOEE meeting

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